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Members Quick Start Guide

Jade Lowe
Updated 2 years ago

What we’ll do for you and What we need you to do

We promise to maintain our minimum survey rate of 28 cents/min for our pre-timed surveys; we’ll follow up on any project where our members could have missed out on incentives and we’ll look for and implement any opportunity that will benefit our members.

We will maintain a non-invasive service, this means that we won’t share your details (without your expressed permission), we won’t send you advertising/marketing materials. We will send you survey and poll notifications, we will send survey reminders.

We need you to be honest and respectful with your survey answers, we need you to be responsive to survey notifications. If you have any issues, then we need you to come to us directly so we can follow them up with the respective client.

Most important of all, we need your patience and support so that together we can grow this community into the highest paying and most informative opinions group that the market research industry has ever seen.

 We don’t issue the most surveys yet, but with your help we will.

A Special note on the importance of a balanced community

Clients have a lot of expectations of online communities; it must be nationally representative (think gender/age/state), it needs to have a good spread of traits (employment types, occupations, shopping habits, drinking habits, reading habits, sports routines etc), it must be insightful, respectful, responsive and available. This is very hard for any online community to live up to.

Traditionally, online communities have more females than males and have much lower numbers in the harder to reach areas (like the Northern Territory).

The ability to win a survey (or many surveys) always comes down to the smallest target group that we can fulfil. So if you were wondering why you keep hearing about the need for males to join or be referred; now you know why.

Common New Starter questions (clickable)

  1. What are the profile questions for, and where do I find them
  2. How many surveys can I expect to get?
  3. How do online surveys work...(just the basics)
  4. I've referred people but my account balance hasn't gone up
  5. Why aren't I getting any surveys
  6. I did a survey and it has been recorded as "ScreenerFail" in my history
  7. I did a survey and it has been recorded as "QuotaFail" in my history
  8. I did a survey through till the end and it has not been recorded as "Completed" in my history
  9. I did a survey and it redirected me back to Octopus immediately
  10. How long does the redemption process take
  11. How do I redeem cash from my account
  12. Are my bank details safe... Do you offer PayPal
  13. What about gift cards

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