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I'm a member of other survey suppliers, how does this affect me?

Jade Lowe
Updated 2 years ago

Many people have success with online surveys and make a significant amount of cash, particularly with ours.

So why does it seem to drop off after a while....?

The main reason is that people start to join other survey providers in order to get more survey chances. Unfortunately the side effect of this is they'll start to see more screen outs, quota fails and early terminations.

Why does this happen?

In short, it's cause we are often added to the survey project AFTER the main provider (our client) has invited all their people.

Our client is the one that runs the actual survey and they are able to identify if the same person has attempted the survey and will terminate their attempt (often after the first page/question).

Who are our clients? Well, pretty much every other survey supplier in Australia and quite a few overseas too.

So by being a member of other suppliers it is likely that this will affect your ability to qualify for our high paying surveys, and there is nothing we can do about that as we aren't the first cab off the rank (in most cases) and we don't control the survey identifying technology.


Q: How could I have already taken the survey? I haven't been sent an invitation from my other survey provider for a week.

A: The survey could have been issued to you 3 weeks ago (it varies greatly). We are very often brought into the mix to finish the project when no-one else can.

Q: Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of qualifying? I already do Octopus surveys first.

A: Doing our surveys first is great but you may have been invited a week or more earlier by our client. The first step to increasing your chances is to only be with Octopus, following this the only way your survey can be terminated early is if you don't fit the topic or your group has been filled.

Q: Why are the other survey providers your clients?

A: Many surveys require a large number of completed surveys to perform analysis on, most survey providers can't fully facilitate these completed surveys on their own so they reach out to third parties to assist in completing the project.

Q: Why don't Octopus just write all the surveys?

A: We would love to be that big and we are writing a few of our own surveys, but at present we are focusing on growing and supporting an amazing group of people in our community. Our group is now well-known for greater quality and the fastest turn arounds in the industry.

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