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When will cash redemptions be processed?

Jade Lowe
Updated 2 years ago
We aim to have redemptions happen on the first business day of the week. This is normally Monday but if there is a public holiday it will be the next business day. Expect to see the deposit the following day after that.

In more detail: 

- Redemptions are normally processed on Mondays

- Funds are normally released by your bank on the Tuesday

- Only redemptions submitted before Sunday (Sydney time) will be included in the Monday processing run. Those submitted on Sunday and Monday go into the following week.

- Due to the volume of redemptions processed every week, batch payments are used, this means most payments are cleared the following day. I.e. After lunch on Tuesdays (usually)

These points are listed in the confirmation email associated with each redemption submission.

Our terms and conditions say up to 30 days but we want to do better by our member than the other providers so we aim for weekly.
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