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What is a relevantid error?

Jade Lowe
Updated 2 years ago

There are a few possibilities when the relevantId message is displayed:

  1. The survey has been attempted via a different survey supplier
  2. The survey has detected something that identifies the session as invalid
  3. The survey has been restricted to a single attempt

[ Point 1 ]

Surveys are generally written by a single client and then multiple suppliers are requested to have their members attempt the survey. If the member is associated with multiple suppliers then they are likely to only be allowed to attempt with their first supplier.

[ Point 2 ]

There are too many reasons to list, however a more common one is when the IP address is not deemed to be from Australia. If a VPN is used this will often be detected and flagged as invalid. VPN and IP address detection is performed by the survey tool of each client.

[ Point 3 ]

Some surveys are limited to a single attempt. This is generally based on the type of research required. I.e. There are times when the client's need the survey taker to only see the materials once and then form an opinion.

If the survey session closes for any reason that type of survey will not allow the survey taker back in.

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