For both redemptions and phone number changes we require you to send an SMS to our confirmation number

Our confirmation number is: +61 447 030 301

If you are unable to deliver your SMS to our number you should follow the steps listed below:

1. Turn off your phone for 5 minutes

2. Turn your phone back on

3. (For iPhone users) turn off your WIFI

4. Try the redemption again

The point of turning your phone off is to get the latest network settings from your service provider.

If you are still unable to deliver your SMS you will need to contact your service provider and ask them to investigate why your handset is unable to send an SMS to +61 447 030 301.

They should be informed that:

  1. the number works for thousands of people every week
  2. the number is not callable as it is a hosted sms number
  3. the provider of the number is and they can contact them if they need to.

Message that can't be delivered when our number ( 0447 030 301 ) is always available is the responsibility of the sender's network provider.