In order to update your mobile number we must verify your account and your new mobile number. We now do this via sms.

You will need to:

  1. Send an sms to +61 412 345 678 (this is not the right mobile number yet)
  2. Include your old mobile number and email address separated by a comma
  3. Confirmation email is sent to your registered address
  4. Reset password

Example of the format required:

+61 487 654 321,

We will remove spaces from the message so you can include those if you like.

If there is a problem we will send an email to the address listed against the old mobile number (only if it is registered in our system).

Types of common problems:

  • additional content included in the message
  • email provided is not registered in our system

If you do not know your old mobile number you will need to contact support where they will need to verify your details before providing your registered mobile number.


We will not reply to you if your old mobile number is not in our system.

The only restriction on the password is a length of 8