If a survey is paused you won't be able to access it and don't worry it's nothing that you have done .


We have to pause surveys for a few reasons:

  1. If there is an issue with the survey that our client needs to fix it before responses can be collected correctly.
  2. If a particular target group has been filled, we'll pause that group. The client may open that group up again if other targets are not filled.
  3. If a survey has been collected the total target it is after, but the client is still doing the final data validation.
  4. If the survey is a tracking (ongoing) study and will be opened and closed on a frequent schedule - (This means you'll have another opportunity later when it is unpaused)


In all these instances we rely on the client to ask us to pause and unpause as necessary. If we unpause a survey or a specific target group we will send reminders so that you are re-notified.



The website has more info on statuses on the surveys page, log in to view.

We will be changing the way paused surveys are processed, so in future we expect them to disappear from your list when the status is changed.