It would be a total waste of time IF you didn't get paid for it. And in the past there have been some shonky providers, there are still some now.

It is one of the reasons we started up. We want to change this perception.

Let's explain a few things:
1. We don't run the actual surveys and this is a good thing cause it means we have different priorities to other survey providers. We focus on our members and make sure they are not taken advantage of. So we go back to the client when there are issues with the surveys. Our members are very supportive when it comes to getting things sorted out so we can get on with the job.
2. At the close of all projects we receive a list of completed survey id's and we sync this to our system to make sure that the client stays honest. They don't know what we have collected and we don't know what they have collected so it should all sync up.
We work as closely with our members as we do with our clients, at the end of the day we don't get paid if our members don't.