The key is to attempt as many of our surveys as you have time for, get in early too. As our members will attest "Our surveys pay more than any other survey company", so ours are definitely worth doing first. This is a numbers game and we only get paid if you do. 

There is a limited supply of surveys in Australia, but there are always new ones that keep coming in. Survey volumes can be affected by the state of play, I.e. The Christmas and New Year period are generally fairly quiet.

Surveys are project based so they come and go and each has their own requirements and limits that are set by each client. We also do the selections randomly to keep it fair. We have many thousands of members so sending to everyone would be a waste of everyone's time if we only need 100 completed surveys. If you've filled out your profile and you remain active then you'll be more likely to be chosen in the first targeted rounds.

We are still a young business, we're seeing more surveys come our way all the time and this is due to our great group of ever increasing members. It will take time before we have as many surveys as the other providers but we have your best interests (and back pocket) in mind, so stick with us and we'll change the way online surveys pay for good.
Additionally, referring people is a great way to keep your account ticking over, even if you don't get selected for a survey maybe your referral will which means you get a bonus each time. That is called a passive income and it is how all the review sites so it, so why not you too.