Octopus Flexi e-Gift cards can be redeemed in multiples of $20, we negotiated a 5% discount which we pass directly on to you.

  1. Login into the website.
  2. Go to the Redemptions page - Redemption submission will only be available if you have more than $20 in your Octopus account.
  3. Choose/Expand the Gimme eGifts heading to show the redemption options.
  4. Select the amount you wish to convert to an eGift card and press the "Buy Now" button.

Important: If you are on a mobile device and you don't see the redemption options, scroll to the top of the page and close the menu by touching the word menu.

If all is successfully validated, you will be sent an SMS to your registered mobile number. 

The SMS will contain a 6 digit key that you are required to enter into the redemption request to finalise the transaction.

An email with your e-Gift card link will be sent to your registered email address.

This may sound long winded but the process is actually very quick.The SMS confirmation process protects your account from any un-authorised activity.


Only 2 attempts per day will be processed. If you have issues it is best to create a support ticket

Once redeemed the e-Gift card cannot be refunded.

Check your spam/Junk folders if the email doesn't arrive in your inbox. Support can provide your link if necessary.