We encourage everyone to become acquainted with Octopus Group by reading our website first, just so you know what to expect before signing up.

The registration page is located here - https://my.octopusgroup.com.au/#/register

While most of the details are simple to enter some might need some explaining as error messages can be annoyingly obscure, so each step of the process will be described below.

  1. Mobile number - Australian mobile numbers must start with 04 and be 10 digits in length. No spaces, only 0-9 for each digit. Verification will be via a 4 digit code sent via SMS upon submission of the registration page.
  2. Password - Minimum of 8 characters, that's it. We're not going to ask you to enter it twice, but if you need to reset your password we can email you a reset link, see Resetting your password
  3. First Name - This is the name you will be referred to in email notifications. Also used for bank account deposits.
  4. Surname - This is used for further identification. Also used for bank account deposits.
  5. Gender - This is used to send gender appropriate survey invitations.
  6. Email address - This is used for email invitations, redemption confirmations and resetting of your password. Verification will be via a 6 digit code sent via email, registration will not continue without this confirmation.
  7. Postcode - 3 or 4 digits only. No leading zeros (I.e. If postcode is 0814, enter 814).
  8. Date of Birth - This is used to send age appropriate survey invitations. Members must be 15+.
  9. Google reCAPTCHA - This is a safeguard provided by Google, its implementation stops unwanted behaviour. Generally you just have to tick the box, but in some circumstances it may ask you to do other things. Just follow its instructions.
  10. Checkbox for Terms and Conditions and also for Privacy - The text contains links to both the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy, it is written pretty simply and is there to keep us in business. To become a member you must agree to this.
  11. "Send email confirmation code" button - This will send the confirmation code to the address listed in point 6.
  12. Text box for the 4 digit code that was sent to your email - Only after verification of the code will your details be submitted, following this point 13 will be available.
  13. Enter 4 digit code that was sent to your Mobile number listed in point 1.

That is it! While it seems like a lot of steps, it normally takes about 2 minutes. The process is intentionally detailed, if you're serious about doing surveys then we are serious about paying you so we need the right details.

There are some pitfalls, the main ones to watch out for are:

  1. Entering the wrong codes - The initial email code will be the 6 digit code sent to your listed email and the mobile number code will be the 4 digit code sent to your phone.
  2. Mis-typing your email and/or mobile phone number.
    1. If you don't receive the email code, check your email address has been entered correctly
    2. if you don't receive the sms, you may have entered your mobile incorrectly. Unfortunately, you'll need to contact support to manually verify your account, see Manually verifying your account
  3. Issues with Google's reCAPTCHA, not much we can do here, best to refresh the registration page and start again.


  • If you are getting a message about No Robots Allowed please confirm the reCAPTCHA widget is showing (I.e. Point 9). If not then you'll need to refresh your page.
  • If you are signing up using a referrals link make sure that the referrals id is appended to the end of the link otherwise they will not receive their referral bonuses.
  • If the confirmation email is not showing in your inbox, check your junk and spam folders.