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Reset your password

Jade Lowe
Updated 2 years ago

There are 2 main ways to reset your password.

1. From the login page click "Forgot password" - https://my.octopusgroup.com.au/forgot

  • You will be requested to enter your mobile number; this is the mobile number that you registered with. From there you will be sent an email that contains a link for resetting your password. 
    • The reset link has an expiry of 10 minutes, if you take too long you'll need to start the process from the "Forgot password" link.
  • If the link is not clickable, please copy the link and paste it into a new internet browser window.

2. You can reset your password from your account

  1. Go to the My Details section:
  2. Profile tab (for those on computers) and go to My Details section
    1. More option (for those on mobile/tablets devices) then Details
  3. Click on the Change option next to your Password 
  4. Type in your old and new passwords and click Save

It is advised that you also reset your password to something more memorable after you log back into the website.

Note: If the page doesn't send you the email then you will need to refresh the reset page or clear your cache ( see https://newsupport.octopusgroup.com.au/articles/216511 ) and try again.

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