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Asking for support

Jade Lowe
Updated 1 day ago

Please be aware that we have over 150,000 members and growing all the time.

We'd really really appreciate it if you search our support portal for the self help answers as a starting point, most questions have been asked and answered here > https://support.octopusgroup.com.au

If you can't find what you need in the knowledge base... 

The best way to contact support is via email at support@octopusgroup.com.au

We will respond to you as quickly as we can however there will be times when things queue up, so we appreciate your patience.

We also respond to Facebook messages for general (non-account specific) enquiries, however these are normally reviewed after the support emails.

We also have limited phone support (+61 432 174 735) and will answer if available.

😞 😐 😃